About Me.

Justice Reformer. Nonprofit Leader. Operations Expert.

After serving as a Deputy Sheriff and then Detective, I found myself in handcuffs. As I fought my way through the courts and over four years of incarceration, my eyes were opened to the injustice and inequities of the broken system of which I had once been a part.

With this realization, as well as my experience on both sides of the law, I created Florida Justice Center to provide free and low-cost lawyers to help others succeed after prison. I'm proud to say that since I founded Florida Justice Center in 2019, my staff and I have helped over 7,000 people with more than 11,000 legal issues.

In addition to the work I do at Florida Justice Center, and serving on numerous boards and committees, I have a passion for operations and guiding attorneys leaving the public sector with starting their own law firms. I am always looking for my next project.

I have dedicated my life to helping those marginalized and disenfranchised by the system and to bringing access to justice to underserved communities.


Personal Information

  • Name Jonathan Bleiweiss
  • Employer Florida Justice Center
  • Job Title Executive Director
  • Education MBA, MSCJ
  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
  • Hobbies Travel, Wine Tasting
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